Pushing All the Right Buttons


Heart Button Reinvention Roadmaps

Push the right buttons and put emotion-based behavior change to work.

Each Reinvention Roadmap (lesson plan) included here is a guide to help you engage in emotion-based behavior change conversations with your clients.

The following guidelines have proven successful with Chickasaw Nation, and we recommend them for use with your Reinvention Roadmaps:

  • Start with emotion rather than facts or advice.
  • Use pictures or props to help trigger the targeted Heart Buttons (reinvention, family values, nurturing) and start a conversation.
  • Wrap the desired behavior change in the emotional value of reinventing a better life for themselves, helping their children adopt family values, and nurturing their family in a loving, protective way.
  • Provide a small dose of logic and fact-based support for desired behaviors.
  • Return to emotion: Encourage clients to visualize how the desired behavior change will positively impact their lives and their children’s lives.
  • Ask clients to share the steps they plan to make related to the desired behavior change, and connect those steps with their emotional need to reinvent a better life, nurture their children, or cement family values.


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