Pushing All the Right Buttons


An Emotional Appeal

We are not the purely logical, rational creatures we like to think we are. If we were, we would never laugh or cry. We would not gloat or grovel. Or daydream endlessly about hopeless yesterdays or hopeful tomorrows.

Emotion drives behavior.

  • Tapping into clients’ emotional drivers helps them achieve positive behavior change.
  • Many researchers, psychologists, and social scientists have concluded that inspiration for change must happen before providing information for change.
  • Chickasaw Nation’s own extensive research supports these conclusions — and Texas WIC agrees*.

Before we can achieve the results we are all after and reverse the threat of childhood obesity, we must...

Unleash the power of emotions (aka, Heart Buttons) to change behavior.

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Unleash the Power of Emotions to Change Behavior Lives

This site will show you the way with...

  • An Overview that explains Heart Buttons and the nature of emotion-based behavior change
  • Downloadable Reinvention Roadmaps (lesson plans), with videos that let you compare the traditional (logic and fact-based) approach with Heart Button (emotion-based) counseling
  • Research that demonstrates the power of appealing to specific emotional drivers (Heart Buttons)

Use the information you’ll find here to gain personal satisfaction as you guide your clients to success.

All you have to do is push the right buttons.

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Heart Button Counseling comes to you as a gift from Chickasaw Nation, supported by USDA, and inspired by countless families whose lives have been — and will be — transformed. *In 2015, Texas WIC discovered that Heart Button counseling at Chickasaw Nation WIC employed a powerful approach to behavior change. Collaborating with Chickasaw Nation WIC, Texas WIC implemented a pilot program of Heart Button counseling in their three Innovation Centers. After evaluating results and best practices, Texas WIC hopes to adapt this approach to meet their needs and take it statewide.

"When you really know you've made an impact on somebody's life, it brings the sense of fulfillment that you didn't know you needed... that you are important... that you can do bigger things in life... and it's an amazing gift to help people."

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